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Building Leaders That You Would Want To Follow

Leadership encompasses all of the 100’s Four For The Future Program. Focused on igniting mentors, mentees, and community leaders worldwide, our leadership empowerment programs develop leaders throughout the 100’s Global Network. Preparing and equipping them by addressing critical issues and areas that specific communities are facing throughout the world.

Each leader receives feedback from the members to help improve the effectiveness and impact of the 100’s program. This feedback gives the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. leaders a better perspective and understanding in teaching African American youth on how to make a positive impact in the world. This process is all done while delivering civic engagement throughout the country, making towns better than they first saw it.


Mentoring is incorporated into all programs delivered by 100 Black Men chapters across the organization’s global network.

Dr Smoot with kids
Greg with kids


The 100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland, Inc. has been educating and empowering youth for over two decades.

Health & Wellness

The 100 black men of Greater Cleveland Inc. goal is to raise awareness and provide information to promote healthier behavior and lifestyle in our community


Economic Empowerment

The 100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland, Inc. promotes and fosters the ability of its mentees and members to be self-determined in creating dreams, pursuing them, and ultimately perpetuating those dreams and aspirations by establishing the mechanisms to sustain generational wealth.