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Your first steps to join the 100 Black Men of Cleveland is to Download, Fill-out and Email your application to The link is below. You will also need to understand the 100 Black Men of Cleveland By-laws, so please click on the button below to download.

Next, you can utilize the electronic form below and choose to pay the non-refundable $50.00 for your Background Check, Once you’re application is accepepted, your yearly dues of $250 can be paid online under your profile or you can mail your application in with a check or money order made out to 100 Black Men of Cleveland and mail to:

100 Black Men of Cleveland
27801 Euclid Avenue
Omni Park Building (Suite 410)
Euclid, OH. 44132


Why join the 100 BMOGC?

Join the 100 to become a change agent in the community. We work to empower youth through our 4 pillars: Health & Wellness, Mentoring, Education, and Economic Development. Mentoring is the core service delivery for the 100. We are the largest network of African American male mentors in the nation. We work hard to influence and transform lives in our communities.


The ideal candidate is demonstrably community driven with a history of service and volunteerism. We look for candidates who are active in their community and are committed to continue their efforts alongside the 100. We don’t want candidates who are solely interested for the social aspect of being a 100 member, we want workers. Our motto is “what they see is what they’ll be”. Our goal is to present our community with hard working, successful Black males so they are inclined to emulate us.

The process:

First, you need to show up to our events and support our efforts. Attending our programs is a prerequisite for membership consideration. Next, you find a sponsor who will recommend you into the organization. A sponsor is a 100 member who is in good standing with the organization. Finally, you complete an interest form and submit a payment of $50 that covers your background check. If selected, you will be called for an interview. Subsequent the interview and application being presented to the executive board, you will be presented to the general body for a final vote.

For any membership related questions, please contact Membership Co-Chairs:

Brian D. Siggers –
Michael Copeland –